Episode 47 – Brandon Ficara

Comedian and actor Brandon Ficara on our shared neuroses, the intersection of pro wrestling and standup, & more.

Episode 46 – Sara Swain

Hilarious actress Sara Swain on schoolyard shanks, supernatural phenomena, and more.

Episode 45 – Kristen Smith

Improviser and actor Kristen Smith on having a cop dad, camp lies, yurt drugs & more.

Episode 44 – Ed Galvez

Comedian and actor Ed Galvez about family secrets, dead parents, the story behind his first standup set & more!

Episode 43 – Simon Gibson

Comedian and actor Simon Gibson on youthful ambition, drugs, and breaking all the rules.

Episode 42 – Zach Noe Towers

Quintuple threat Zach Noe Towers on accidental dosing, getting sober, college secrets, and more.

Episode 41 – Valerie Tosi

Faith chats with comedian and actor Valerie Tosi on nerdy rebellion, responsible druggin, Hollywood love triangles & more.

Episode 40 – Jeff May

Standup comic and podcaster Jeff May on beef with Worldstar, ex-fat kid problems, and ethical scamming.

Episode 39 – Evan Kessler

Comedian and writer Evan Kessler on why nostalgia sucks, a nightmare first open mic, the most awkward V-Day ever, and more.

Episode 38 – Bob Koenig

Pro-wrestling manager Bob Koenig (Halston Boddy) on being an ex- bear, why he quit standup comedy, and how it was the best thing to happen to him.