Episode 40 – Jeff May

Standup comic and podcaster Jeff May on beef with Worldstar, ex-fat kid problems, and ethical scamming.

Episode 39 – Evan Kessler

Comedian and writer Evan Kessler on why nostalgia sucks, a nightmare first open mic, the most awkward V-Day ever, and more.

Episode 38 – Bob Koenig

Pro-wrestling manager Bob Koenig (Halston Boddy) on being an ex- bear, why he quit standup comedy, and how it was the best thing to happen to him.

Episode 37 – Babs Gray

Comedian & writer Babs Gray on growing up Catholic in Mormontown, cult run-ins, and her greatest fear about returning to the fold.

Episode 36 – Josia Elliott

Comedian & producer Josia Elliott on Wyoming misconceptions, brand new family secrets, an unexpected queer prom story & more.

Episode 35 – Kasey Koop

Comedian & stripper Kasey Koop on mental health, sobriety, and almost being a character in a real life horror film.

Episode 34 – Riley Silverman

Comedian and writer Riley Silverman on queer identity, coming out as a [redacted] fan, the call that started it all, and more.

Episode 33 – Monica Percich

Comedian and actor Monica Percich on overcoming self-doubt, the perks of being tall while bad at math, getting dumped for the weirdest reason ever, and more.

Episode 32 – Alex Hooper

Alex Hooper on being America’s Got Talent’s favorite heel, pug life, and his journey from angry kid to human ray of sunshine.

Episode 31 – Madison Shepard

Comedian Madison Shepard on growing up in Dallas, coming of age as a biracial baby goth, and her most embarrassing celebrity run-in.