Episode 61 – Jared Goldstein

Kai chats with comedian and actor Jared Goldstein about getting hit by cars, being a child star, and why drugs are maybe not so bad after all.

Episode 60 – Em Allyn

Comedian Em Allyn on elderly thots, having many step moms, being disease proof & more!

Episode 59 – Heather Rae

The Moth winner Heather Rae on when animals attack, cursed sexual experiences, and more.

Episode 58 – Toby Muresianu

Comedian, host & writer Toby Muresianu on starting comedy in college, the dirtiest road work, math class with Mark Zuckerberg & more.

Episode 57 – Doug Garza

Kai chats with the hilarious Doug Garza about youthful crime, pioneering hashtags, which military branch is the gayest & more.

Episode 56 – Laura Crawford

Comedian Laura Crawford on sibling wars, crashing gay prom, neuroatypicality and more.

Episode 55 – Vanessa Gritton

Comedian Vanessa Gritton on why she is a Sex Dummy™, the perks of public transportation, special ed years, and more.

Episode 54 – Heather Thomson

Comedian & actor Heather Thomson on sports allergies, the worst high school meet cute, homewrecking toasters and more.

Episode 53 – Suzee Dunn

Actor/comedian/podcaster Suzee Dunn on quitting acting school, terrible roommates & more.

Episode 52 – Amir Talai

Actor & comedian Amir Talai on dating, the truth about “the friend zone”, and the most useful/embarrassing way he’s ever spent $1500.